Greenstone Farm Family Trees
Foundation Mares



Family Tree Table Key
GSF = Horses bred by Greenstone Farm, LLC
Bold print/Italic
= Kept for breeding program
Name in parentheses = Sire of horse

X with name in parentheses = Dam of horse
** = Stallion
Foundation Stock
First Generation 
Second Generation
Third Generation
Fourth Generation
Fifth Generation 
Sixth Generation 
Lightning Lulu 1995
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•Rheanna GSF (Riverman) 2001  

Lucy Liu GSF (Lynx) 2002    
** Flint GSF (Weltstern) 2006  

  Feuer Tanzer GSF(x Finally Dancing GSF) 

  Fire Starter GSF (x Right As Rain GSF) 2011 

  Firefly GSF (x Donner Blume) 2012 

  Finnegan GSF (x Donner Blume) 2013 

  Fenway GSF (x Confetti GSF) 2013 

  Frappuccino GSF 2013
(x Calypso Musique GSF)

  Fade To Gray GSF (x Santa Maria) 2013 
    Flitwick GSF (Donner Blume GSF) 2014  
Fiddle Dee Dee GSF (x Finally Dancing GSF) 2015
Fleur De Lis GSF (x Donner Blume GSF) 2015
Fine Tuned GSF (x Alala S) 2016
F Sharp (x Alala S) 2017
Flørtete GSF (xLilyhammer GSF) 2018
Farside GSF (x Obergrenze GSF) 2019
Further Still GSF (x Obergrenze GSF) 2020
Falala GSF (x Alala S) 2020
Fata Morgana GSF (Weltstern) 2007  
Flugtauglich GSF (Weltstern) 2009  
  Luxusausführung GSF (Le Mode) 2014 
Das Flugzeug GSF (Der Graf) 2016

Delta GSF (Der Graf) 2017

Day By Day GSF (Der Graf) 2019
Over The Top GSF (Orleandro) 2010  
Flirtatious GSF (Fandango GSF) 2014 
Du'Over GSF (Der Graf) 2016
Double Trouble GSF (Der Graf) 2018
De Maine Attraction GSF (Der Graf) 2019
** On Target GSF (Orleandro) 2012  
   Olivet GSF (x Fondu GSF) 2017
  On The Ball GSF (x Belle of the Ball GSF) 2017
  Over The Moon GSF (x Starburst GSF) 2017
  On The Line GSF (x Signature GSF) 2017
  On The Catwalk GSF(x Britta GSF) 2017
  On My Way GSF (x Special Delivery GSF) 2018
  Ouzo GSF (x Late Night Musique GSF) 2018
  On The Mark GSF (x Signature GSF) 2018
  On Star GSF (x Starburst GSF) 2018
On The Spot GSF (x Special Delivery GSF) 2020
Overlooked GSF (x Damengluck GSF) 2020
Oops-A-Daisy GSF (On Target GSF)2021
 Ollivander GSF (Orleandro) 2014  
 On Board GSF (Orleandro) 2015
  Liberty GSF (Lucky Strike GSF) 2017
Fidelity GSF (Weltstern) 2004   
Falls Es Regnen Sollte GSF 2005 (Weltstern)   
Freckle GSF (Weltstern) 2006   
Fiesta GSF (Weltstern) 2007   
Star Attraction GSF (Sinclair B) 
 Barista GSF 2013
(Bound & Determined GSF)
 Djimah GSF (Der Graf) 2017
 Oswald GSF (Orleandro) 2015 

Let's Party GSF (Lucky Strike GSF) 2020

Felix GSF (Weltstern) 2008   
Fast Lane GSF (Weltstern) 2009   
Cole Haan GSF (C3PO GSF) 2013   
Grace Ann Banks 1994
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Concordia GSF (Contucci) 1999
With Cinnamon GSF (Weltstern) 2002
Damenglück GSF (Donnerlück) 2006
Special Delivery GSF (Sinclair B) 2012
On My Way GSF (On Target GSF) 2018
On The Spot GSF (On Target GSF) 2020
On The Nose GSF (On Target GSF) 2021
Blind Devotion GSF 2013
(Bound & Determined GSF)
Oliver GSF (Orleandro) 2014
Ollivier GSF (Orleandro) 2015
Overlooked GSF (On Target GSF) 2020
Marti Gras GSF (Morpheus G) 2007
Odin GSF (Orleandro) 2011
Oberon GSF (Orleandro) 2012
OMG GSF (Orleandro) 2013
D'Spot GSF (Der Graf) 2018
Domino GSF (Der Graf) 2019
Dippin' Dots GSF (Dubarry) 2021
Simple Truth GSF (Sinclair B) 2008
Scarlett O'Hara GSF (Sinclair B) 2009
Saffron GSF (Sinclair B) 2010
Signature GSF (Sinclair B) 2011
Ottograph GSF (Orleandro) 2015
On The Line GSF (On Target GSF)2017
On The Mark GSF (On Target GSF)2018
Sinco De Rojo GSF (Sinclair B) 2012
Oatmeal With Cinnamon GSF (Orleandro) 2013
Obergrenze GSF (Orleandro) 2015
Farside GSF (Flint GSF) 2019
Further Still GSF (Flint GSF) 2020
Finding Sherman GSF (Weltstern) 2004
Fangorn GSF (Weltstern) 2006
** C3PO GSF 2009 now gelded
(Champagne Ambassador)
Cole Haan GSF (x Lightning Lulu) 2013
**Chewbaca GSF (x Fondu GSF) 2013
 Ceven of Ceven GSF (x Alala S) 2017
 Charleston Chew GSF (x Honey Due Tell) 2017
Champage Surprise GSF (x Felicia GSF) 2017
Charlatan GSF (x Felicia GSF) 2017
Calrissian GSF (x Flamenco Musique GSF) 2018
Cloud Rider GSF(x Unleash the Fury) 2018
Caluan Ematt GSF (x Honey Due Tell) 2018
 Caliente GSF (x Flamenco Musique GSF) 2019
Chill Out GSF (x Flamenco Musique GSF) 2020
Brown Bunny GSF 2011
(Bound & Determined GSF)
Wild Uproar 1994
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Nero GSF (Noteworthy) 2000
Parasol GSF (Parabol) 2002
**Bound & Determined GSF 2006
(Blonder Hans)
Bound For Glory GSF 2012
(x Finally Dancing GSF)
Blind Devotion GSF 2013
(x Damenglück GSF)
Believe It Or Not GSF 2013
(x Forget Me Not GSF)
Brazen Spirit GSF 2013
(x Flamenco Musique GSF)
Barista GSF (x Fiesta GSF) 2013
 Djimah GSF (Der Graf) 2018
Britta GSF (x Fantine) 2013
 On The Catwalk GSF
(On Target GSF) 2017
Determined GSF (Der Graf) 2018
Dream On GSF (Der Graf) 2019
Belle Of The Ball GSF 2013
(x Crystal Clear GSF)
 On The Ball GSF (On Target GSF) 2017
Der Morgan Tanzer GSF
(Der Graf) 2019
Dancing Queen GSF (Der Graf) 2019
Toast Of The Town GSF 2007
(Champagne Ambassador)
Felicia GSF (Weltstern) 2008
Othello GSF (Orleandro) 2013
DeClaire GSF (Der Graf) 2015
Liquorice GSF (Lucky Strike GSF) 2017
Champagne Surprise GSF
(Chewbaca GSF) 2017
Charlatan GSF (Chewbaca GSF) 2017
Darryl GSF (Dubarry) 2021
Fashionably Late GSF 2009
O'Reilly GSF (Orleandro) 2012
Ferrari GSF (Fandango GSF) 2014
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Worcestershire GSF (Weltstern)
Donner Blüme GSF (Donnerwelt)
**Fandango GSF (Weltstern)
For Real GSF (x Starburst GSF) 2014
Flirtatious GSF (x Over The Top GSF) 2014
Ferrari GSF (x Parasol GSF) 2014
Fulfilled Wish GSF2014
(x Calypso Musique GSF)
Fine Time GSF (x Finally Dancing GSF) 2014
Fantoccio GSF (x Finally Dancing GSF) 2015
First Lady GSF (x Lady In Waitin' GSF) 2016
Forget Me Not GSF (Weltstern)
Believe It Or Not GSF 2013
(Bound & Determined GSF)
Firefly GSF (Flint GSF)
Finnegan GSF (Flint GSF)
Flitwick GSF (Flint GSF) 2014
Fleur De Lis GSF (Flint GSF) 2015
 Davignon GSF (Dubarry) 2022
Lollipop GSF(Lucky StrikeGSF)2017
Finley GSF (Flint GSF) 2020
Oops-A-Daisy GSF (On Target GSF)2021
Grande Karma 1994
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Right As Rain GSF (Rainbow)
Fischer Flynn GSF (Weltstern)
Frühaufsteherin GSF (Weltstern)
Fig Newton GSF (Weltstern)
Flash Flood GSF (Weltstern)
Fire Starter GSF (Flint GSF)
Once In A While GSF (Orleandro) 2014
Real Exclamation GSF (Rainbow)
Far & Away GSF (Weltstern)
Debussy La Mer1989
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Musique Debussy (Fabio I) 1997
Rain's Melody GSF (Rainmaker) 2003
Fantasia GSF (Weltstern) 2005
Flamenco Musique GSF 2009 (Weltstern)
Brazen Spirit GSF 2013
(Bound & Determined GSF)
Late Night Musique GSF (Le Mode) 2014
 Ouzo GSF (On Target GSF) 2018
 **Crescendo GSF (Crumble) 2020
Done Deal GSF (Daily Deal) 2021
Lizabeth GSF (Lord Adonis) 2022
Octavia GSF (Orleandro) 2015
Calrissian GSF (Chewbaca GSF) 2018
Caliente GSF (Chewbaca GSF) 2019
Chill Out GSF (Chewbaca GSF) 2020
Opera Musique GSF (Orleandro) 2012
Les Contes GSF (Le Mode) 2014
Bo Diddley GSF (Blonder Hans) 2004
Fits Like A Glove GSF (Weltstern) 2006
Calypso Musique GSF 2008
(Champagne Ambassador)
Frappuccino GSF (Flint GSF) 2013
Fulfilled Wish GSF (Fandango GSF) 2014
 Deseo GSF (Daily Deal) 2020
Deotano GSF (Destano) 2021
Daydreamer GSF (Dubbary) 2022
Der Türsteher GSF (Der Graf) 2015
D'Musik Mann GSF (Der Graf) 2017
Waiting To Dance1990
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Finally Dancing GSF 2000
(Feiner Stern)
Faline GSF (Weltstern) 2004
Fein Tänzer GSF (Weltstern) 2005
Freundlich GSF (Weltstern) 2006
Space Cowboy GSF (Sinclair B) 2009
Feuer Tänzer GSF (Flint GSF) 2011
Bound For Glory GSF 2012
(Bound & Determined GSF)
Fine Time GSF (Fandango GSF) 2014
Lilyhammer GSF (Le Mode) 2014
 Floete GSF (Flint GSF)
Fantoccio GSF (Fandango GSF) 2015
Opari GSF (Orleandro) 2015
Fiddle Dee Dee GSF (Flint GSF) 2015
De Cha Cha GSF (Der Graf) 2016
Pressiana 1997
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Cabot GSF 2007
(Champagne Ambassador)
Fillip GSF (Weltstern) 2008
Skittles GSF (Sinclair B) 2009
Starburst GSF (Sinclair B) 2010
For Real GSF (Fandango GSF) 2014
Over The Moon GSF (On Target GSF) 2017
On Star GSF (On Target GSF) 2018
Taminnies Time 1991
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Confetti GSF 2007
(Champagne Ambassador)
Orientierung GSF (Orleandro) 2012
Fenway GSF (Flint GSF) 2013
Lime Light GSF (Le Mode) 2014
DePino Noir GSF (Der Graf) 2015
DeFrascati GSF (Der Graf) 2016
DePino Grigio GSF (Der Graf) 2017
DeVine GSF (Der Graf) 2018
 •DeCanter GSF (Dubbary) 2022
Falkor GSF (Fandango GSF) 2022
Crystal Clear GSF 2008
(Champagne Ambassador)
Belle Of The Ball GSF 2013
(Bound & Determined GSF)
 On The Ball GSF (On Target GSF) 2017
 Dancing Queen GSF (Der Graf) 2019
 Der Morgen Tanzer GSF (Der Graf) 2019
Dignity GSF (Der Graf) 2018 
Duly Noted GSF (Der Graf) 2019
Didjeridu 1997
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Whadjadu (Weltstern) 2005
• Friday Afternoon (Weltstern) 2006
• Fletcher (Weltstern) 2007
Fondu GSF (Weltstern) 2008
** Chewbaca GSF (C3PO GSF) 2013
  Champagne Surprise GSF (Felicia GSF) 2017
  Charlatan GSF (Felicia GSF) 2017
  Charleston Chew GSF (Honey Due Tell) 2017
  Ceven of Ceven GSF (Alala S) 2017
  Calrissian GSF (Flamenco Musique GSF) 2018
  Cloud Rider GSF (Unleash the Fury) 2018
  Caluan Emmatt GSF (Honey Due Tell) 2018
  Caliente GSF (Flamenco Musique GSF) 2019
Chill Out GSF (Flamenco Musique GSF) 2020
d'Artagnan GSF (Der Graf) 2014
Outer Banks GSF (Orleandro) 2015
Olivet GSF (On Target) 2017
Outer Limits GSF (Orleandro) 2018
Brie GSF (Bristol Silver King) 2020
Katya's Treasure 1999
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Fenoglio GSF (Weltstern) 2006
Suzie Cue GSF (Sinclair B) 2007
Finder's Keepers GSF (Weltstern) 2008
Fortune Hunter GSF (Weltstern) 2009
** Lucky Strike GSF 2012
(Legacy In Gold)
Lickety Split GSF (x Unleash The Fury) 2016
Liberty GSF (x Lucy Liu GSF) 2017
Liquorice GSF (x Felicia GSF) 2017
Lollipop GSF (x Donner Blume GSF) 2017
•Lambergini GSF (x Unleash The Fury) 2017
•Lancelot GSF (x Prep's Peak) 2017
•Let's Party GSF(x Fiesta GSF)2020
•Let 'er Rip GSF(x Exclusive Warrior )2020
Concert Mistress 1993
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Sinatra GSF (Sinclair B) 2008
Sky's the Limit GSF (Sinclair B) 2009
Somethin' Special GSF 2010
(Sinclair B)
Less Is More GSF (Le Mode) 2014
Oh So Special GSF (Orleandro) 2015
Der Kleine Clown GSF (Der Graf) 2016
Ornate GSF (Orleandro) 2017
Oh So Sassy GSF (Orleandro) 2018
Santa Maria 2003
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Fade To Gray GSF (Flint GSF) 2013
Ozean GSF (Orleandro) 2015
Fantine 2004
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Britta GSF 2013
(Bound & Determined GSF)
 On The Catwalk GSF (On Target GSF) 2017
 Dapper Dan GSF (Dubbary) 2022
 Determined GSF (Der Graf) 2018
 Dream On GSF (Der Graf) 2019
Berkeley GSF 2014
(Bound & Determined GSF)
Alala S 2010
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Oscar GSF (Orleandro GSF) 2014
Fine Tuned GSF (Flint GSF) 2016
F-Sharp GSF (Flint GSF) 2017
Ceven of Ceven GSF(Flint GSF) 2017
Falala GSF (Flint GSF) 2020
Falafel GSF (Flint GSF) 2022
Unleash The Fury 2007
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Lickety Split GSF (Lucky Strike GSF) 2016
Lambergini GSF (Lucky Strike GSF) 2017
Cloud Rider GSF (Chewbaca GSF) 2018
Honey Due Tell 2008
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Charleston Chew GSF (Chewbaca GSF) 2017
Caluan Ematt GSF (Chewbaca GSF) 2018
Preppedforroyalty 1999
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Lady in Waiting GSF (Legacy in Gold) 2012
  First Lady GSF (Fandango GSF) 2016
Dutchess GSF (Der Graf) 2019
Stolen Dawn 1993
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Larcenyat Dawn GSF (Legacy in Gold) 2012
  Dilly Dally GSF (Der Graf GSF) 2018
Exclusive Warrior 2008
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Let 'er Rip GSF (Lucky Strike GSF) 2020

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