Belle Of The Ball GSF
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Belle of the Ball GSF is a 2013 filly by Bound & Determined GSF out of Crystal Clear GSF by Champagne Ambassador. She is the third generation of our champagne breeding program. Belle is a Gold Champagne colored horse which means she has a base coat of chestnut which is diluted by the Champagne dilution gene. Visit for more information about Champagne Colored horses. Even though Belle's sire is a palomino (chestnut base diluted by the Cream dilution gene) she does not have any Cream dilution genes in her genetic makeup. Her offspring have a 50% chance of passing on the Champagne color and a zero chance of producing palomino or buckskin. Belle is being kept for the Greenstone Farm, LLC champagne sport horse breeding program. Look for her first offspring arriving in 2016 or 2017!


Almhirt tynsky-Cervanek
St. Pr. St. Kometess
St. Pr. St. Alphine
Parabol (West)
Paradox I
Winzerin (Han)
Wild Uproar xx
Native Uproar xx
Wild Fable xx
Crystal Clear GSF Champagne Ambassador Creme Carmel ox AA Kash ox
Amurath Malia ox
Sweet Champagne Embasy ox
Jurisa Gold
Taminnies Time xx Two Time Bruce Half Time II
Bruce's Queen
Taminnie Soysambu
Tammy R.

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