Fits Like a Glove GSF
"Little Debbie"
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Fits Like a Glove GSF (also known as Little Debbie) is a huge filly by Weltstern out of Debussy La Mer. If her name could start with a T and not F for the Ferdinand Line her name would have been "Tight Squeeze". We pulled for a good 20 minutes to get this beautiful filly to come into the world. Fortunately she and mom are fine!! This filly will mature to 16.2 + hands. She is extremely athletic and agile.

Weltstern (Old)
Welt As (Old)
Weltmeister (Han)
Wedekind (Han)
Domdora (Han)
Elfene (Old)
Furioso II (SF)
Elfenbranut IV (Old)
Blandine (Old)
Admiral (Han)
Absatz (Hann)
Preislied (Han)
Blanelde III St. Pr.
More Magic xx
Blanelde St. Pr.
Ratibor (Hol)
Raimond (Hol)Ramzes
Fostadin (Hol)Colonel
Americe xx
Little Tytus xxKy. Colonel
Golden Earing
Belmoud Honor xxHighest Honors

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