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Fondu is a 2008 filly by Weltstern out of Didjeridu. She is registered and branded Oldenburg NA. Fondu is a wonderfully athletic filly with a lot of suspension and a large ground covering stride. She received an overall score of 8.0 at her inspection which would have been a premium score before the standards for premium status were changed in 2008. She earned a 7.8 for conformation and type, an 8.1 for movement and an 8.0 for overall impression. Fondu has a very friendly personality and loves to be scratched. She is shedding out to a beautiful shade of liver chestnut. This filly will be a very striking horse when she matures. She is an excellent addition to our breeding program. She has the ability, conformation and movement to excel in dressage, jumping or eventing.


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